6 Handel Parade, Whitchurch Lane, Edgware HA8 6LD

Welcome to the newly established Emmanuel Cafe Nuevo in Edgware. We serve fresh foods to eat in or to takeaway.

Our cuisine is inspired by Portuguese and English dishes.

We cater to all of our clients’ needs, providing freshly made food every day.
We serve a warm or cold sandwich the choice is yours. There is always something for everyone, so do not hesitate to try it your yourself.

There is a spacious terrace provide for your blossoming.
Our catering service is open and is specially designed for any occasion. please if you would like to make an order on any pastries or pies we can them for you baked/fried or frozen, entirely up to you.

Please make your in advance.

We specialise in: Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Miniature patties (Rissoes, Pasties)
Special cooked dishes i.e. stew.


Sandwiches From

Pork Scallop £ 2. 50
Chicken Scallop £ 2. 80
Ham/ Cheese £ 1. 70
Bacon £ 2. 60
Tuna £ 1. 70
Omlette £ 2.40
Prawn Mayonnaise £ 3.80

Quick Picks From
Prawn Pie £ 0.80
Cod Fish & Cream £ 0.80
Tuna Pie £ 0.80
Chicken Pie £ 0.80
Samosas £ 0.80
Hot Dogs £ 1.80
Soups £ 2.00
Salads £ 1.80
Meat Dish (4 pieces with a drink) £ 4.00

Cakes / Desserts From
Rice Cake £ 0.90
Coconut Cheesecake Tart £ 1.10
Golden Slice £ 1.30
Palmier £ 1.40
Custard Cream Tart £ 1.30
Cupcake £ 0.60

Drinks From
Tea £ 0.70
Expresso £ 1.20
Late £ 1.30
Hot Chocolate £ 1.15
Coffee £ 1.30
Can Drinks £ 0.60
Juices £ 0.60



We are pleased to announce the opening of Emmanuel Café Nuevo, which is situated right next door to the salon.

No need to worry about going outside to find something to eat as we have something for everyone.

Serving Breakfast / Lunch/ Snacks throughout the day, you will definitely find something right for you.

We also cater for your special events:
Wedding Cakes/ Birthdays Cakes/ Corporate Meetings and much more, contact us on:
Tel: 02036324425 to make an order.

ONE POUND'S EVENTS - Saturday 18th February
This saturday only, come and enjoy everything for 1 pound
You can find us easily next to the police station

On Saturday 18th Feb, we had a successful event. EMMANUEL CAFE NUEVO had clients passers-by took advantage of the one-time deal of everything for £1.
Stay tuned onto our website and Facebook page to find out when the next event will be held.

Follow us on Instagram: emmnauelcafenuevo
Twitter: emmanuelcafenuevo

WOMAN’S DAY - Wednesday 8th March 2017

Because you are super women, we always need to take care of you and specially this Wednesday 8 March to celebrate this wonderful day. Benefit 10% discount of all our products. It’s the time to cherish your women.

MOTHER'S DAY - 20 until 25 March 2017

Mothers day is coming soon! Cafe Nuevo is having a special offer for your loved ones.Treat some lovely ladies to some Breakfast,lunch and tasty snacks at our relaxing Cafe.